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Tabloid (2011) – 88/100

Tabloid is a telling of a single woman’s life story, an eclectic combination of everything ridiculous possible in a lifetime laid out in a wonderfully flowing framework. The greatest merit of this film is its skillful editing. The story progresses thematically rather than chronologically, thankfully so, as time lends no coherent pattern to lead Joyce McKinney’s life. The editing is not only used for organizational purposes, but also for some great comedic effects, where certain strange phrases become key for coaxing laughs from the audience.

I will admit, the trailer for the film turned me off. I thought that the seemingly insane lead woman would be unbearable. But, it is the editing that proved me wrong. Tabloid is constructed as a mystery, hooking the viewer early on, slowly revealing more and more, and building up to several ridiculous climaxes. For this reason, film style rather than content makes it a pleasure to watch. Instead, the content, which is so unreasonable that it is nearly non-sequitir, brings a plethora of laughs.

Though oversimulating, fast paced, and very widely spread, Tabloid is a great film because it is a smorgasbord of the weirdness organized into a painless-to-swallow documentary.

Such great editing makes it clear that director Errol Morris had a clearer picture of Joyce McKinney’s life, than frantic Joyce McKinney did. Tabloid therefore is a wonderfully constructed amalgamation of farcical behavior. See it if you want an example of a very entertaining documentary


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